Covering the whole Kenya country, we at Crossover Security pride ourselves on being one of Kenya's oldest (1998) and most professional radio alarm private owned security companies. Our reputation for excellence is based on our rapid and reliable response to emergencies, which is ensured through our solid foundation of committed professional management, attention to detail, care for our clients, and rigorous staff selection methods and training.

The Company has benefited from continuity of the same management since inception. This reflects the stability of the company. The Company keeps abreast of prevailing crime trends, and is thus very able to advise our clients on security.

As pioneers in the industry we introduced a service designed to ensure personal protection and also to be of use in any emergency. In order for our service to achieve a high standard of efficiency to our clients we have:
The highest number of vehicles in any residential area covered by us, and having close-by back-up to the first response vehicle covering you.

Highly trained staff that know you, and keep an 'eye' on your security needs wherever you are.

We keep your stored personal belongings safe and secure

Bespoke, fail-safe technology

A price that has NO hidden extras

FREE Road Rescue service